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Project Description


Cure Factors: Mineral waters from over 20 springs are classified in terms of chemical composition in the following groups: chlorosuccinic, alkaline, carbonated, low sulfur, brominated, iodized mineral waters, alkaline, chlorinated, carbonated mineral waters , hypotones; alkaline mineral waters, low ferruginous, hypotonic, sulfuric mineral waters, chlorurosodic, slightly carbonated, ferrous, carbonated mineral waters; vitriolic mineral – ferrous and vitriolic mineral waters – silicified; oligomineral mineral waters; the saline microclimate in Targu Ocna where airborne diseases are transported organized from the resort (in the salt mine, air temperature + 12 ° C, atmospheric pressure – 731 mm Hg – and air humidity – 60 – 80% are constant; finds a total lack of allergens, a high concentration of sodium, calcium and chlorine aerosols; high carbon dioxide concentrations in water compared to surface water cause the respiratory center to physiologically excite); sedative bioclimate.

Therapeutic indications: Digestive tract disorders (hyperacid gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers at least three months after the painful period, stomach after operation, chronic non-specific colitis); hepato – biliary disorders (biliary dyskinesia, chronic cholecystitis or calculus, postoperative liver disease – cholecystectomy); respiratory ailments (allergic asthma, tracheo – corneal bronchitis, bronchiectasis, pulmonary emphysema, rhino – chronic sinusitis); metabolic and nutritional disorders (mild and moderate forms of diabetes, obesity); kidney and urinary disorders; peripheral neurological disorders; posttraumatic conditions, associated conditions (degenerative or abarticular rheumatism, cardiovascular, endocrine, gynecological, occupational diseases, asthenic neurosis).

Treatment plants: Installations for internal mineral water treatment; apparatus for respiratory therapy (aerosol apparatus and inhalations with mineral waters and medicinal substances); underground sanatorium with saline microclimate in Targu Ocna; hot mineral water installations; complex installations for medium summer temperature: 20 ° C and average winter temperature: 2 ° C
Nearby Cities: Bacău 74 km, Bucharest 263 km, Cluj 359 km, Timişoara 521 km, Sibiu 242 km, Baia Mare 432 km, Oradea 505 km, Suceava 219 km.electro- and hydrotherapy; gymnastic halls, manual massage; mofette. Near Airport: Bacău, 74 km.


Address: no. 1 Mihai Eminescu street, Slanic Moldova, Bacau county

General facilities: restaurant – capacity 240 seats, private parking – capacity 40 seats, valuables storage, bar, brasserie, summer garden. Meeting rooms: 2 to 150 seats and 40 seats. They feature wireless internet coverage, a flipchart and projection screen.

Room facilities: TV, fridge, bathroom with shower, telephone.

Total number of rooms: 240 – Double: 231 – rooms with 2 beds, 46 comfort rooms. Apartments: 9 – the
apartment consists of living room and bedroom.

Check-in beginning at 14:00; check-out until 12:00.

Optional saline from Targu Ocna, a minimum of 5 days is charged at the rate of 18 lei / person / day for adult and 9 lei / person / day for childlren.

The Monument-Museum Magura Ocna is one of the most impressive monuments built in memory of soldiers fallen in World War I. It is situated at 520 m altitude on Măgura hill, 2 km from Targu Ocna – Slănic Moldova road, following a road that rises spectacularly on the coast of the mountain. It was built between 1925-1928 in memory of the over 14,000 Romanian soldiers fallen in World War I on the fronts of Oituz, Coşna and Cireşoaia. To know the history of this monument, please visit the link.

Services and features: Providing travel information and means of transport, waking up at the requested time, keeping valuables, sending messages from or to tourists, picking up and sending mail, keeping things forgotten and announcing tourists, keeping luggage, and free wireless internet access in the lobby at the reception.

Meal services: Venus Restaurant, 1st category. The meal is served in a la carte.

Fitness / Wellness / Sports: treatment base, sauna. Treatment base designed to treat digestive, hepato- biliary, respiratory, metabolic and nutritional disorders associated diseases. Procedures in the electrotherapy department: ionization, diadinamic currents, ultrasound, magnetodiaflux, short waves, inhalations. Procedures in the hydrotherapy department: bubble baths, herbal baths, galvanic baths, underwater shower, Scottish shower, sauna. Paraffin treatments and partial and general manual massage, mineral water treatments are also performed with the doctors recommendation. The carbonated mineral waters and the salt microclimate (Salt Tg. Ocna) are decisive in the treatments applied by the specialized personnel.




Address: Vulturu Str., Slanic Moldova, Bacau County

Hotel DOBRU impresses with its monumentality being built on a steep slope of the mountain. The hotel is built in stairs with a unique conformation that offers an exceptional view of the façade from the
inside. Crafted in warm colors, with a carefully designed geometry, Hotel Dobru harmoniously integrates the mountain landscape offering privacy due to the secluded and sheltered location

General facilities: restaurant -capacity 120 places, private parking, access for disabled persons, storage of valuables, bar, luggage room, elevator, shop, travel agency.

Meeting rooms: 1 – The room has a flipchart, video projector and projection screen. Capacity 30-40 seats.

Room facilities: TV, fridge, minibar, bathroom with shower, balcony – or terrace, cable TV, telephone.

Total number of rooms: 43 doubles

Services: room-service, laundry.

Meals: They are served in their own a la carte restaurant. Dobru Hotel's restaurant combines the rustic and hunting style with a great view of the natural setting in which it is located. From traditional menus to cooked dishes, the cuisine will satisfy the most refined culinary preferences.

Fitness / Wellness / Sports: fitness room, extra charge: sauna, jacuzzi, massages.




Address: nr.4 Vasile Alecsandri Street, Slanic Moldova, Bacau County
The Eurovacanta complex is located at the entrance of the resort, in the immediate vicinity of the City Hall. Learn about treatment, rest, crossing, business meetings or pleasure trips, EURO VACANTA Slanic
Moldova Hotel Complex is ready to receive you in a comfortable and modern atmosphere, located at the entrance of the resort, in the immediate vicinity of the Mayors office.

General facilities: restaurant -130 seats, private parking, internet, storage of valuables

Meeting rooms: 1 – conference, symposium and training complex.

Room facilities: TV, fridge, bathroom with shower, balcony, internet, hair dryer.

Number of rooms: 59, Double: 57, Apartments: 2 – the apartment consists of living room and bedroom.

Meal services: The EuroVacanta restaurant is a 3-star category in the "a la carte" or fixed menu.

Fitness / Wellness / Sports: indoor semi-Olympic swimming pool, mixed sports ground – polyvalent sports hall, gym. swimming pool 10 Lei / hour / person or 25 lei / day / person, sauna 20 Lei / hour / person, fitness gym – men 10 Lei / hour / person.

Treatment: carbonated, bicarbonate, slightly sulphurous, chlorate, sodium, hypertonic, hypotonic and oligo mineral waters. The treatment base of the hotel has arranged spaces, modern medical equipment to ensure the procedure according to the physician's recommended therapy, namely:
– ELECTROTHERAPY – dynamic currents, ionization, trabert tens, interferential currents, ultrasound.
– RESPIRATORY THERAPY – aerosols and inhalations with mineral waters.
– MASOTHERAPY – manual massage, lymphatic massage.
– THERMOTHERAPY – applications with paraffin, solux, short waves, microwaves.
– HYDROTHERAPY – hydromassage, bubble bath, galvanic bath, underwater shower.
Tourists must submit to the hotel insurance proof (workplace or pension coupon) and a type of healthcare referral ticket for medical services. Otherwise, treatment services will be charged at an uninsured price range and the tourist will be required to pay the difference.



Address: no.7 Vasile Alecsandri street, Slanic Moldova, Bacau County
Hotel Nemira is located in the heart of Slanic Moldova, right at the foot of the Nemira Mountains. It is a new building that combines classic with modern. Situated only a 5-minute walk to Slanic Moldova Park
and the renowned curative springs for its beneficial action, guarded by the Nemira Mountains, the hotel awaits its guests in a perfect ambiance of well-being, relaxation and tranquility in a perfectly natural environment. The most pleasant surprise is the beech forest located behind the hotel, ideal for disconnection.

General facilities: restaurant, private parking, access for disabled persons, internet-free, storage of valuables.

Meeting rooms: 1 – with a capacity of 45 seats.

Room facilities: TV, minibar, safe, bathroom with bathtub, bathroom with shower, balcony – furnished with outdoor furniture, internet – cable, hair dryer, bathrobes, disposable slippers.

Number of rooms: 40, Double: 36 – double and twin standard with 36 sqm surface, superior with 28 sqm
surface and luxury with 30 sqm area and 1 room for disabled persons.

Apartments: 4 – 1 luxury apartment.

Room reception is available from 14.00. Check-out is done before 12.00 Pets: not accepted!
Free access to the swimming pool, sauna, fitness. The Monument-Museum Magura Ocna is one of the most impressive monuments built in memory of soldiers fallen in World War I.

Services: Laundry and room service.

Meals: The hotel has 2 restaurants: Pheonix restaurant with a capacity of 70 seats and Nemira Restaurant with a capacity of 50 seats, restaurant serving breakfast between 08 and 10.

Fitness / Wellness / Sport: Indoor swimming pool, fitness room, sauna.

Facilities: free access to the swimming pool, sauna, fitness room, Wi-Fi, parking.



Address: Str. Vasile Alecsandri

General facilities: restaurant, private parking, internet, relaxation center and fun in the indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, wet sauna and dry sauna, fitness, two massage salons

Games Room, Night Club with a capacity of 140 seats

Conference rooms: 2 – Mihai Eminescu Hall with a capacity of 100 seats and George Enescu Hall with a capacity of 80 seats

Room facilities: TV, bathroom with shower, internet

Total number of rooms: 91 – Double: 78 – 74 standard double rooms, 4 superior double rooms Apartments: 2 – personalized apartments: Racovita apartment, Spiridon apartment and 11 suites

Meals: The Tirolez Restaurant with a capacity of 85 seats and the International Restaurant with a capacity of 250 seats

Fitness / Wellness / Sports: Indoor swimming pool, SPA, treatment base, fitness room



Address: 8 Vasile Alecsandri Street, Slanic Moldova, Bacau County
Set in the heart of the resort, Vila Teleconstructia awaits you to offer you a wide range of services. With a last-generation material base, the complex addresses several segments of the clientele, ensuring the
diversity of services available to tourists, both spending holidays or minivans, as well as organizing business meetings, symposiums, trainings or other activities of this kind that appeal to business

General facilities: restaurant, parking, internet, central heating.

Meeting rooms: 1 – 30 seats; equipped with video projector, projection screen, flipchart, international telephone line, internet, copy machine, fax, arrangeable coffee breaks.

Room facilities: TV, fridge, bathroom with shower, internet, hair dryer, telephone.

Total number of rooms: 21, Single: 1, Double: 13 – with single beds or twin beds
Apartments: 3 – apartment consists of living room and bedroom with twin beds, Studios: 4
Access to the fitness room, tennis court and table tennis is free of charge.

Meals: The restaurant offers a range of refined and varied cuisine. The menus in the restaurant are adapted to each client, the dishes are like at home.

Fitness / Wellness / Sport: indoor swimming pool, tennis court, fitness room, sauna. Sanatorium Slanic Moldova, a sanitary unit of national public interest, subordinated to the Ministry of Health, provides medical recovery services for adults and children in hospitalization and outpatient settings on the following pathology profiles: respiratory, hepato-digestive, renal, chronic degenerative rheumatism, circulatory.
Mofete is found here, along with the salt microclimate (from Tg. Ocna) and the mineral waters. Indoor cures with mineral waters, aerosols and inhalations, heated mineral water baths, hydrotherapy, kinetotherapy, electrotherapy, physical medical culture, psychotherapy, melotherapy and geriatrics.


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