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Profile: rheumatology, gynecology
Altitude: 500 m
Summer temperature: 16 ° C

Winter temperature: 1 ° C

Nearby City: Tg. Mureş, 44 km, Bucharest 343 km, Cluj 150 km, Timişoara 414 km, Sibiu 146 km, Baia Mare 213 km, Oradea 278 km, Arad 397 km, Suceava 207 km.

Cure Factors: The chlorinated sodium mineral water of high-concentration, heliothermal lakes, which varies in summer at 1 m deep between 30 ° – 40 ° C and at 1.50 m between 40 – 50 ° C and a concentration of 40-250%; sapropelic sludge from lakes; bioclimatic cutting.

Nearby Airport: Tg. Mures, 44 km.

Other Factors: Praid – saline and salt mountain, Mining Museum, Corund – enameled ceramic objects, Sighisoara – Medieval Fortress (14th-16th centuries); ski slopes run at approx. 14 km. Therapeutic indications: Gynecological disorders (ovarian insufficiency, cervicitis, chronic metroanexite, secondary sterility); degenerative rheumatic diseases (cervical, dorsal and lumbar spondylosis, arthrosis, polyarthrosis); inflammatory rheumatic diseases (algic joint conditions); abnormal rheumatic disorders (tendinosis, tendomiasis, tendoperiostoses, scapulohumeral periarthritis); posttraumatic affections (post- traumatic joint pains, post-operation on joints, muscles or bones, fractures after fractures, sprains, throats); peripheral neurological disorders (mild paresis, sequelae after polyneuropathy, sequelae after poliomyelitis); associated diseases (endocrine, cardiovascular, asthenic neurosis, metabolic and nutritional disorders, occupational diseases).
Treatment plants: Hot bath tubs and saltwater salt pools; installations for mud warm applications; gynecological treatment facilities (mineral water vaginal irrigation and mud vaginal pads); kinesitherapy pools; electro- and hydrotherapy installations, medical gymnastics, medical massage; installations and facilities for aeroheliotherapy and outdoor baths in the lakes of Ursu and Alunis.


The hotel is located near the Ursu Lake (200 meters), it has one of the most modern Spa centers in the country, offering tourists an oasis of relaxation and good will. The treatment base provides specialized
treatments at a high professional level.

Address: nr. 82 Trandafirilor str., Sovata, Mures County Danubius Health Spa Resort Sovata is the ideal place for: organizing festive and business events, rest, treatment, those who practice maintenance / wellness tourism

General amenities: restaurant -260 places, own parking – cost – 10 Lei / day (to be paid at the reception), access for disabled persons, internet, storage of valuables, summer terrace, hairstyling, souvenir shop.

Conference rooms: 9 – Agat – 15 seats, Amethyst I – 70 seats, Amethyst II – 50 seats, Diamond – 300 seats, Emerald 70 seats, Pearl Restaurant 450 seats, Rubin I + II – 100 seats, Sapphire I + II – 110 seats, Topaz – 50 seats.

Room facilities: air conditioning – (only the upper rooms), TV, minibar, safe, bathroom with shower – or bathroom with shower, balcony, internet – free wired, hair dryer, bathrobes.

Number of rooms: 168, Double: 168 – 94 standard rooms, 70 superior rooms (lake view), 2 rooms for
people with disabilities, 2 anti-allergic rooms. Check in is after 14 o'clock, check out at 12 o'clock.

Meal services: The Sovata Restaurant 4 * category, breakfast buffet, Swedish buffet lunch and dinner or
"a la carte" account, depending on the number of tourists.

Fitness / Wellness / Sports: Indoor swimming pool, SPA, treatment base, fitness room, salt water pool, sauna, solarium, massage, steam bath.

Treatment: balneal and hydrotherapy, kinetotherapy, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, pneumology, dermatology, phototherapy, gynecology. Spa treatment programs are only available for reservations that include accommodation and half board. Medicines and laboratory analyzes are for a fee.

The new spa center of Danubius Health Spa Resort Sovata **** offers to tourists:
– Swimming pool (depth: 150 cm, Water temperature: 26-28 C)
– Jacuzzi (depth: 100-110 cm, Water temperature: 30-32 C)
– Children's pool (Depth: 30-60 cm, Water temperature: 30-32 C)
– Kneipp warm (Depth: 30 cm, Water temperature: 40-42 C)
– Kneipp cold (Depth: 30 cm, Water temperature: 12-14 C)
– Immersion pool: (Depth: 112 cm, Water temperature: 12-14 C)
– Saltwater (depth: 90-105 cm, Water temperature: 32-36 C). Recommended bathing time: 15 to 20
minutes, or as directed by your doctor. Relax room and fitness room

Tourists must submit to the hotel insurance proof (workplace or pension coupon) and a type of healthcare referral ticket for medical services. Otherwise, treatment services will be charged at an uninsured price range and the tourist will be required to pay the difference.

Tourist attractions: Praid – salt mine and salt mountain, Mining Museum, Corund – enamelled ceramic objects, Sighisoara – Medieval Fortress (14th – 16th century); ski and sled skiing at approx. 14 km.


The hotel is situated in the center of the resort, next to the Faget and Danubius hotels.
A special hotel for tourists who want a relaxing stay, antistress therapies and premium spa treatments.
BRADET Hotel awaits tourists with a wide range of hotel and therapeutic services as well as leisure facilities. Positioned on the antistress service niche, with the message No stress. Balance your life”,
Danubius Health Spa Resort Bradet is among the few hotels in the country that offer antistress packages (integrated body mind therapy) for physical and mental rebalancing. In the summer months, the relaxation effect can be complemented by baths in Lake Ursu, with salt water, the only heliothermic lake in Europe.

General facilities: restaurant -150 seats, own parking – with payment – 5 Lei / day, internet, bar, terrace. Meeting rooms: 1 – a conference room with a capacity of 500 seats.

Room facilities: air conditioning, TV – (hidden behind the mirror), minibar, safe, bathroom with shower, balcony, internet – free Wi-Fi, hair dryer, telephone, bathrobes, soundproofed windows. Approx. 22 m².
Number of rooms: 93 Double: 88 – deluxe and deluxe plus rooms. The difference between the two types of rooms is the view of the lake that the deluxe plus rooms have.

Apartments: 5 – composed of living room with sofa, two armchairs and one bedroom. Area apox 44 m².
Extras room facilities: bathroom with bathtub, shower, jacuzzi, 2 TV hidden behind the mirror, radio, water heater, customer wake-up service, room service. Services: laundry, dry cleaning.

Dining services: The hotel's Magnolia Restaurant awaits its guests with gourmet specialties from Transylvania and abroad, and guests can listen to live music during the evening. The Orchidea Café and Bar also offer pleasant cooling.

Fitness / Wellness / Sports: access to Danubius Health Spa Resort Sovata **** by heated tunnel: freshwater and salt water pools, jacuzzi, sauna, massage.

Treatment: The treatment base of Danubius Spa Resort Sovata 4 * and base at Lake Ursu: balneal and hydrotherapy, kinetotherapy, electrotherapy, pneumology, dermatology, phototherapy, gynecology, physiotherapy. Medicines and laboratory analyzes are for a fee. Water World Swimming pool (Depth: 150 cm, Water temperature: 26-28 ° C, Air temperature: 26-30 ° C, Water surface: 88,5 m²), Jacuzzi (Depth: 100-110 cm, 32 ° C, Air temperature: 26-30 ° C, Water surface: 50 m², Water jet start: 15 min.) Swimming pool (Depth: 30-60 cm, Water temperature: 30-32 ° C, Air temperature: 26-30 ° C, Water surface: 20 m², Water jet start: 15 min.) Kneipp warm (Depth: 30 cm , Water temperature: 40-42 ° C, Air temperature: 26-30 ° C, Water surface: 4.4 m²) Kneipp cold (Depth: 30 cm, Water temperature: 12-14 ° C, Air temperature: 26-30 ° C, Water surface: 4.4 m²)

Swimming Pool:
(Depth: 112 cm, Water Temperature: 12-14 ° C, Air Temperature: 26-30 ° C, Water Area: 2,5 m²) Salt Water (Depth: 90-105 cm, 36 ° C, Air temperature: 26-30 ° C, Water surface: 49.5 m²). Recommended drinking time: 15-20 minutes or after doctors recommendation. Sauna, Finnish sauna, steam sauna, infrasauna, aroma sauna.

Danubius Premier Fitness: treadmills, cardio and strength machines, fitness consultants, personalized training programs, invigorating massages.


Address: nr. 10 Bradului str.
Information and hotel amenities

General facilities:
restaurant -60 places, private parking, internet

Conference rooms: 2 – 30 and 60 seats equipped with video projector, projection screen, plasma, plasma- connected laptop, flip-chart, sound, wireless internet.

Room facilities: TV, minibar, bathroom with shower, internet, hair dryer, Total number of rooms: 27

Lake Ursu opens on 26.06.2016. Entrance fee 25 Lei adult, 15 Lei child.

Services and facilities: Fitness / Wellness / Sports: Indoor swimming pool
Fun: table football, rummy, chess, billiards or table tennis.



Address: Nr. 79 Campul Mic str.

Hotel Relax is open all year round, located in a quiet area of the resort, offers a wide range of programs and is perfect for family or business meetings

General facilities: restaurant, private parking, playground, internet

Conference rooms: 1 – conference room provides a pleasant reception of 50 participants, as well as equipment necessary for a successful professional gathering: projector, projection screen, sound, flip chart, LCD TV, podium, internet connection broadband.

Room facilities: minibar, balcony, hair dryer
Number of rooms: 22 – having a capacity of 50 seats, Single: 1, Double: 14, Apartments: 7

The 50-seat restaurant offers an internationally-priced international menu as well as the possibility of organizing private or corporate events. It is a place where you can feel relaxed with carefully selected dishes and drinks in a stylish and comfortable ambience. Children have a well-equipped play area in the restaurant. Opening hours, daily from 08:00 to 22:00. The on-site bar offers a selection of beverages and cocktails to enjoy on the 50-seat terrace and an exceptional panorama of the resort, where guests are invited to enjoy the unique location of the hotel. Access to WIFI is free of charge. Operating hours, daily from 08:00 to 22:00.

Fitness / Wellness / Sports: SPARelax Spa is located within the hotel and offers the following services:
childrens pool, two jacuzzis, steam bath, infra-sauna and Finnish sauna.


The hotel is located in the center of the resort, 100 m away from Lake Ursu.
Address: nr. 42 Vulturului str., Sovata, jud. Mures
If you want a rest or treatment stay, organize an event, Hotel ALUNIS is a good choice. Hotel facilities allow you to spend a memorable stay.

General facilities: restaurant – with a capacity of 250 seats, public parking – cost 10 Lei / day / car, day bar.

Meeting rooms: 3 – Capacity: 50 seats, 100 seats and 250 seats.

Room facilities: TV, fridge – or minibar in renovated rooms, bathroom with shower – bath, balcony, internet – free WI-FI, hair dryer.

Number of rooms: 143, Double: 142 – Double or twin bedded rooms, fully renovated, Apartments: 1 – 4 persons.
The hotel day starts at 14.00 and ends at 11.00 on the day of departure.

Meals: this is given in Alunis restaurant, 1st category. The meal is served on the basis of the vouchers.

Fitness / Wellness / Sports: indoor swimming pool – with fresh and salt water, treatment base, sauna, jacuzzi, solarium.

Treatment: To ensure the best treatment for you, the 2008 ALUNIS Complex has opened a modern treatment base within the hotel for the treatment of rheumatic, gynecological, respiratory diseases. Due to the curative properties of salty waters and mud drawn from the salty lakes in the Sovata area, the resort has become the recommended destination for treating gynecological and rheumatic diseases, a unique resort in Europe, renowned for its beauty and beneficial effects on your health.
In the Alunis Treatment Base we perform the following treatments:
Rheumatologic preventive – primary prophylaxis, secondary prophylaxis
Rheumatologic cure: allergic conditions after Sokolski-Boniland rheumatism, secondary arthritis and arthritis, toxic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, spondylitis of infectious and traumatic origin, chronic degenerative rheumatism: arthrosis, spondylosis, apophysites, cervical lesions, lumbalizations, sacralization, delayed fracture or painful calluses, postinfectious or posttraumatic osteitis, myositis, fibromised, myalgia, bursitis, tendomysites, radiculitis, plexitis, neuritis,
Rheumatological force cure: disabling diseases of the locomotor apparatus, paresis and paralysis of the peripheral nerves
Gynecological Prevention: Non-Systemic Disorders of Menstrual Cycle, Nuliparous Preparing for pregnancy
Gynecologic cure: chronic colitis, corneal cervicitis, metrites, uterine deviations, uterine hypoplasia, corneal attachment, perimetry and parameters, corneal pelviperitonite, primary or secondary amenorrhea, postinflammatory or postoperative sequelae Treatment for fertility stimulation: primary sterility, secondary sterility, infertility of different etymologies.

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