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“We want happy and thankful tourists, that’s why we have carefully selected hoteliers, Romanian tour operators and foreign partners with credibility, history and tradition in the tourist market, which gives us the certainty of quality services.”

Etalon Travel guarantees you best quality services at real and advantageous prices, and our offer is based on direct connections with the best tour operators, carriers and hoteliers in the field. Our team’s passion for travel is unlimited, and due to the pleasure of sharing it, our consultants are not just sales agents, but your personal travel assistants.

Our mission is the comfort of your holiday, regardless of the budget you dispose and the way you spend your free time. And the quality, promptness and correctness are the characteristics that we assume!

The main objectives of the company are defined by a satisfied customer, and all of the Etalon Travel specialists are dedicated to serving their customers, being a major provider of premium tourism experiences and services. We also take into account the observations and notifications of our clients and on their basis we aim to improve our performance as well as the overall quality of our services. We provide all the necessary resources, including specific and continuous training of our staff, in order to develop professional skills and the ability to provide the highest quality services.

The agency’s vision is to become an important name in the field of tourism, providing clients with complete solutions and establishing long-term relationships with them.

Etalon Travel offers to its tourists a wide range of tourist services for ROMANIA destination:

  • To the Mountains during Winter Holidays and for the rest of the year.

    Destinations: Poiana Brasov, Sinaia, Azuga, Bran, Paltinis, Transfagarasan -Posada- Balea Lake-Marginimea Sibiului, Transalpina- Straja- Ranca.

  • To the seaside in the summer.

    Destinations: Eforie Nord, Mamaia, Neptun Olimp, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mangalia.

  • In the Danube Delta throughout the year.

    Destinations: Gura Portitei, the localities of the Sulina Branch and St.Gheorghe Branch.

  • Balneal tourism and health throughout the year.

    Destinations: Sovata, Baile Herculane, Baile Felix, Covasna.

  • Circuits, short, medium and long-term pilgrimage programs and tours in all major areas of the country (Bucharest, Transylvania, Maramures, Bucovina) with professional guides in Russian, English, French, Italian and other languages. The agency’s vision is to become an important name in the field of tourism, providing clients with complete solutions and establishing long-term relationships with them.


Our team is made up of professionals, some with over 25 years of experience in the field, and together we want this project to ensure your entire track, starting from the day we meet with us, until your return from the most beautiful holiday you have dreamed of. Our specialists participate in activities and information travels to the promoted destinations, so they can guarantee the quality of the hotels, tours and recommended visits.

Ghereg Valeria

CEO and Owner

Experience 12 years.
Contracts, Promotion, Business strategy.
Languages: Russian, Romanian and English.

Ghereg Nicolae

Guide and Travel Agent

Experience 25 years.
Incoming department, Customer care.
Languages: Russian, Romanian.

Raileanu Alexandra

Ski & Sea Resorts Travel Advisor

Experience 5 years.
Outgoing department.
Languages: Romanian, English.

Petrescu Cristina Alexandra

Balneo & Spa Travel Advisor

Experience 5 years.
Incoming department.
Languages: Romanian, English.

Joita Manuela Carmen

Financial Controller.

Sterpu Stefan

Incoming Groups&FIT Travel Advisor

Incoming department.
Languages: Romanian, Russian, English.


Our carefully selected partners provide us with desired reliability for tourists and as well as successful holidays for them, this principle being a part of the vision and mission of our company.


Values, vision and Company Mission