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City of residence of Iasi County, Moldova, Romania

The city of Iaşi is situated in the northeastern part of the country and spreads over seven quiet hills (Cetăţuia, Galata, Copou, Bucium-Păun, Şorogari, Repedea and Breazu), often compared to Rome. It is the cultural, economic and academic center of Moldova. Here we find the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, one of the mostprestigious academic institutions in Romania. From the historical point of view thecity is of great significance, being the capital of Moldavia between 1564-1859, oneof the two capitals of the United Principalities between 1859 and 1862 and thecapital of the Kingdom of Romania between 1916 and 1918 (during the FirstWorld War, when Bucharest was under German occupation).

Whoever wants to discover the city will enter here as a huge gateway to the historyof the Romanian nation. In Iaşi every stone speaks of the past", through the largenumber of monasteries, museums, memorial houses. Therefore, it can be said thatthe city of Iaşi is a true national museum, through the treasures of history and artthat it has, being the capital of Orthodoxy in the north of the country. It is also thelargest city in northern Romania, which can be visited in any seaso, and the placewhere great personalities of the country were born.

A place filled with history, Iaşi is a tourist destination that can be visited in anyseason. Among the goals you should not miss, we mention one of the symbols ofIaşi, namely the Palace of Culture. This impressive building is the work of I.D.Berindei. Its construction began in 1906 and only two decades later wascompleted, being inaugurated by King Ferdinand of Romania. Designed as a neo-gothic style, the Palace of Culture in Iaşi is remarkable for its grandeur andarchitectural details. At present, the Palace of Culture is home to many culturalinstitutions.The Copou Park, located on the hill of the same name, is an oasis ofgreenery in the capital of Moldova and the place where the great poet MihaiEminescu rested in the shade of the linden, that now is bearing its name. Next tothe Eminescu linden, the bust of the poet can also be admired, as well as theEminescu Museum, whose heritage includes important works and poems.

The Botanical Garden in Iaşi is the oldest in Romania. This space is a wonderfulplace, where thousands of plant species can be admired in all their splendor, thegarden that currently spreads over a 5 hectare area. Here ornamental plants aregrown, as well as Mediterranean, tropical, grassy, woody plants and a collection of800 varieties of roses can be admired. The Metropolitan Church of Moldavia and Bukovina, situated in the center of the city and where believers can worship at therelics of the Holy Mother Parascheva, considered by the christians as the protectorof Moldova. Each year, hundreds of thousands of believers come here to worshipand pray at the relics of Saint Paraskeva.

Ion Creangăs Bojdeuca from Iaşi, the first literary memorial museum in Romania,inaugurated on April 15, 1918. The house is located in the picturesque district ofŢicău Iaşi, where the great storyteller Ion Creangă lived between 1872 and 1889.

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